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Countryside Energy Co-op

CEC Members,

As you know, there was a special meeting of CEC members on Aug 3 to decide about the future of Countryside Energy Co-op.  At the meeting, members voted unanimously to accept the boards recommendation to close the co-op.  This is of course a difficult and sad decision to have to make.  However, we feel that given the obstacles and desire to not put further money at risk, it is the best course of action.

As one member at the meeting stated,  we made a valiant effort.  The money he paid for Countryside Energy Co-op membership was well spent.  Finances invested in the co-op were used efficiently as we manoeuvred the many setbacks that we experienced over the past years,  giving the co-op the best possible chance to succeed.

Steps are now  being taken to wind down the co-op. 

Thanks to each of you for your support and the passion you have shown for the vision of Countryside Energy Co-op.

Board of Countryside Energy Co-operative




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